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Indoor Cycling Classes In Chatsworth, CA

Get ready to spin the pedals, burn fat and have fun. 

Cycling classes for all experience levels

A high-intensity workout designed to burn fat, help you tone and most importantly have fun

Fitness 19 Chatsworth is known for it's incredible cycling classes, energetic and motivating instructors, and welcoming community. We can't wait for you to try out a class. 

All rider experience levels welcome, from first-time riders to professional cyclists. We guarantee you'll have a great workout. 

First time spinning the pedals at Fitness 19 Chatsworth? Our instructors will help you set up your bike and show you the ropes. Sign up for a free class below!

Indoor cycling class at Fitness 19 Chatsworth

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Lights, Music, Sweat

It’s time to spin to the beat of the music with an upbeat, high intensity, low impact workout that will have you sweating AND having fun. During your cycling class, our instructors, upbeat music and epic lighting will keep you motivated throughout the entire class. All experience levels welcome - including first timers!

Burn a bazillion calories

Okay, so maybe not a bazillion (is that even a real number?), but in our indoor cycling classes you will be burning calories while improving your cardiovascular health and most importantly having fun. 

Insanely fun

Indoor cycling class is not just about having a great workout, which we guarantee, it's about turning off the outside world, letting loose, and having fun!

Drop a beat!

Our custom curated playlists get you PUMPED and ready to work. The energy is infectious, the instructor is motivating, you're spinning those pedals, you're in the zone, you're laughing, you're sweating, you may not know what's going on but you don't care because it's such a great workout!

Easy set up

Our state-of-the-art stationary bikes are easy to adjust for all body types. First time riding? No problem! Our friendly instructors are here to help.  

All about the ambiance

Our cycling rooms are stacked with great lighting that's easy on the eyes and will help you get in the zone. 

All levels welcome

Cycle class is geared towards all levels of fitness, from beginners to very experienced riders. Our friendly instructors will help you get set up and learn the ropes! 

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What riders are saying

I love my cycle class family! Great energy.
I look forward to spinning every week. I had never taken a cycle class before and now I love it.
An amazing workout and low impact on my knees, what more could I ask for? The instructors are so nice and welcoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium and Premium Plus members have access to all group fitness classes, including indoor cycling classes. Have a Basic membership and are thinking about upgrading? Ask a front desk staff to try out a class!

Of course! Cycle class is geared towards all levels of fitness, from beginners to very experienced riders. Our friendly instructors will help you get set up and learn the ropes! 

All you need to bring is a towel (time to sweat) and a water bottle. We will prove the bike, energy, and encouragement!

No! Special cycling shoes are not necessary, any athletic shoe or flat soled shoe will do. If you find you love cycling, clip in cycling shoes can improve your experience but are not necessary.

Seat adjustments are best done by an instructor. Just ask your Fitness 19 cycling instructor to help you out. A great rule of thumb is that the seat should be hip high when you stand next to your exercise bike.

Unfortunately, we do not offer specific bike reservation. We are currently working on a Fitness 19 app which will allow you to reserve a specific bike during the reservation process.

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