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  • What Can You Expect from Zumba Classes?
  • November 12, 2020 |
  • Fitness Classes | Zumba

What Can You Expect from Zumba Classes?

What is Zumba you ask? Zumba classes combine latin and international music and dance to create a dynamic calorie-burning form of workout for people of all fitness levels and age groups. This effective fitness system features aerobic training that is a fusion of slow and fast rhythms to tone and sculpt your body. 

What Can You Expect from Zumba Classes?

During Zumba classes, the instructor will play a series of Latin and international songs. The class will begin with slow rhythm beats, gradually building to intense high energy songs throughout your workout session. It will end with a cooling-down tune. 

Not a good dancer? Do not worry; the choreography is easy to follow, and the steps are repetitive to allow people to learn the routine on-the-go. 

This is the best part about Zumba classes; anyone can do it. Our friendly and energetic instructors teach you the steps and choreography along the way.  Learn the choreography at your own pace and have fun as you shed away the calories. 

Moreover, you do not need any gear or equipment to attend Zumba classes. Simply show up in relaxed clothing and athletic shoes with a smile and a positive attitude, and that is all you will need. 

Zumba Class

Different Types of Zumba at Fitness 19

Zumba classes are popular amongst both women and men. Due to its ever-increasing popularity since 2005, the Zumba brand has introduced several program variations to make the experience more fun and exciting for all genders and ages. These classes include: 

  • Zumba

Zumba is the original and most popular Zumba format at Fitness 19. 

  • Zumba Gold Classes

Zumba Gold is for an older audience with traditional Zumba moves performed at a lower intensity. This is perfect for those looking for senior fitness classes.  

  • Zumba Step

It is a combination of traditional Zumba workout with added leg strengthening moves to increase the intensity of your work out. 

  • Zumba Toning

This Zumba workout session allows you to workout using toning sticks. The workout targets your arms, abs, thighs, and other muscles. Moreover, these Zumba classes are perfect for strength training and cardio workout. 

Is Zumba an Intensive Workout?

No, Zumba classes target people of all ages and fitness levels; therefore, it is an interval workout. This fitness workout’s overall intensity level is medium. However, each session moves between low and high-intensity dancing workouts to raise your heart rate and boost cardio endurance. 

Zumba Dance

Do Zumba Classes Really Help Burn Calories?

According to a study, you can burn 9.5 calories per minute during a 39-minute Zumba class. That means, if you indulge in Zumba classes of 40 minutes each, you will be burning a total of 369 calories per session on average. 

However, the number of calories you burn may vary due to several factors such as your age, weight, fitness level, and intensity of the Zumba classes. The harder you work out, the more calories you are going to shed. 

Although the aim of Zumba classes is for you to lose weight, however, you must maintain a well-balanced calories intake. This is critical to keep you energized during the sessions and retain healthy vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients even after excessive sweating. 

Besides, you must remember that losing too much weight too soon can be hazardous for health. Thus, you must maintain a diet with fish, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 

What Areas of Your Body Do Zumba Routine Target 

Most of the dance steps involved in Zumba classes focus on strengthening your core, i.e., your midsection and the hips area. There are specialized Zumba classes such as Zumba toning that target your arms using weights. 

Zumba steps include lunges and jumps to work on your glutes, legs, quads, and hamstrings. However, Zumba does not do much for your back muscles, although the workout involves your entire body. 

Try Zumba Classes with Fitness 19

If you have read this post to the end and feel convinced that Zumba classes are for you, why not try Zumba classes at your nearest Fitness 19

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