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  • Top 10 Benefits of Indoor Cycling Class at Fitness 19
  • November 3, 2020 |
  • Fitness Classes | Indoor Cycling

Top 10 Benefits of Indoor Cycling Class at Fitness 19

Are you looking for a highly intense individual or group exercise gym class on a stationary bike? If yes, then indoor cycling class at Fitness 19 will allow you to build your strength and stamina while increasing or decreasing your pedal resistance.

An indoor cycling workout is a perfect way to improve your physical fitness while socializing and meeting like-minded people at the same time.

Do not worry if you have never toed up on a stationary bike in a gym before. At Fitness 19 riders of all levels are welcome. We guarantee that you will enjoy the workout at a Fitness 19 gym near you. Let us dive a little deeper into what a cycling class is and how you can benefit from it within a short span of time.

What is Cycling Class?

A cycling class, also commonly known as a "spinning class", is a highly intense cycling workout. Typically, you will be using a stationary bike with a heavily weighted flywheel attached to its pedals.

Cycling classes are so popular that there are entire cycling centers devoted to this niche. A typical cycling class lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, led by an instructor guiding you through various heart-pumping routines.

So if you consider joining a cycling class to liven up your physical fitness routine, give it a whirl at Fitness 19. This fitness routine is probably one that offers a wide range of benefits to all ages and suitable for beginners and pros alike.

10 Health and Fitness Benefits of Cycling Class at Fitness 19

A cycling class is one fitness routine with several personal and fitness benefits you can achieve right from the first go at it. From physical improvements such as slimming your waistline to building your personal skills with the Fitness 19 community, you will never look back again.

You can opt for a challenging workout or flat-out fun routine using Fitness 19 innovative equipment and start enjoying the following ten benefits of a cycling class.

1. Enhancing Your Cardiovascular Stamina and Fitness

Your body's cardiovascular activity allows the heart, lungs, and blood cells to deliver highly oxygenated blood to your muscles, which in turn allows them to produce energy so you can move.

So the better your cardiovascular health, the quicker and more comfortably you can move. Moreover, it also allows you to stay active for a more extended period of time without burning yourself out.

Most importantly, building up and maintaining good cardiovascular stamina also reduces the chances of coronary heart diseases and other cardiovascular associated health conditions. A cycling class is a safe and effective way for you to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

2. It is a Low Impact Routine that Fits Everyone

In case you are recovering from a surgery or injury or are a beginner who wants to start gentle, cycling class will help you build your strength, stamina at your own pace.

However, do not be mistaken because even an introductory slow-cycling session can be a great workout. Moreover, as you are on a stationary bike, you do not have to worry about falling off or colliding with other bikers (especially if you do not know how to ride a bike or have been a while since you did).

It also helps you focus on what really matters while you pedal away, i.e., your fitness goals. In case you have any medical condition or have specific health and fitness goals, you can always speak to a fitness instructor at Fitness 19.


3. Burning Away Calories and Extra Fat

Who said you need to lift heavy iron bars to burn those calories? Whether you are a newbie trying to shed a few pounds or a roadie aiming for performance gains, cycling class is a perfect fitness routine to get you there.

As you pedal, you could feel those stored fats burning away with every drop of sweat on your body. Therefore, regardless of your age, gender, or lifestyle, simply hop on one of Fitness 19 stationary bikes. And you will be on your way to fitness goals via this dynamic and accommodating fitness exercise.

4. Building Your Body's Breaking Point Threshold

You will be surprised to know that cycling exerts far less pressure on your feet and knees than other cardio fitness alternatives. This will allow you to work on a more challenging level on a stationary cycling bike without the danger of hurting yourself. Now you can focus on getting the results while rectifying potential injury incidents.

A low-impact cycling class can help you accommodate ailments, improve your tendons and joints health, and improve your fitness longevity.

5. Defining your Core and Legs by Giving Your Lean Muscles

One of the most significant differences a cycling class can make to your physique is enhancing your muscle definition around the core and legs area. If you are new to the world of fitness, your core is basically what holds your body in an upright position.

Did you know that the more muscle mass you carry, the more calories you burn every day, even when you are resting? This is where a cycling class can help you achieve lean muscles and put on weight in all the right places on your body.

Apart from working on your leg muscles, you will learn about techniques and postures to work on correct muscle groups. As you ride on a stationary bike, you gain an upper body rhythm that helps you develop a leg rhythm.

As you slightly bend forward and move side to side, it helps work out your abdominal muscles as well as the sides of your abdomen. In fitness lingo, this technique is known as a "rhythm release." You may not see the results of this workout initially but will see your abdomen toning up with the rest of your body with time.

6. Cycling Can be a Stress Reliever

It is a proven fact that exercise of any kind helps reduce stress. Exercising allows you to focus and clear your mind and temporarily forget about your personal and professional life's daily stresses.

Cycling class will not only give you a feel-good factor and increase your self-confidence, but it will also let you shed all that stress you have been carrying on your body and mind.

7. Instating Your Community Spirit and Team Building Skills

Irrespective of your current fitness level and goals, a cycling class builds your skills to unify with a diverse group of individuals through combined dedication and workout. You are not cycling alone in a spinning session. Instead, you and your neighbor will buck up and motivate each other.

Think of it as a cycling rally in a class where you become a team of riders, trying to cross the finishing line together. This will help you gain inspiration and also allow you to help others below your fitness levels while learning from those on higher fitness levels than you.

This is what you call a community spirit and how a team works. This mindset can really help you make a difference and shine amongst your colleagues at work and other social occasions. You see, a cycling class offers more than just physical benefits, but it is a game of changing your mindset.

8. Cycling at Your Own Pace

Whether you want to steadily build your stamina, speed, or resistance or wish to crank up rapidly, cycling allows you to set your own pace. Every time you hop on one of the stationary bikes at Fitness 19, you can find your comfort zone for pedaling speed and make its own experience and routine.

The best part is, the innovative bikes these days come with built-in profiles to accommodate fitness students of all levels and backgrounds. If you are unsure which profile will suit you better, speak to your cycling class instructor about what you aim to achieve from your sessions.

9. Testing Your Limits

As you set your own pace, always aim to push yourself further to test your limits. You will eventually see the benefits. Had a bad day at work? Take the aggression out while pedaling away in your cycling class. It is an ideal way to channel your energy and clear your thoughts as you rid yourself of all those frustrations.

10. Building a Stronger Mind

Cycling class will help you in two aspects when it comes to mental health. First, the pre-workout warm-up and post-workout cooling down period will help you relax both before and after you put your body through a strenuous cycling session.

Secondly, it will give you a "can-do" and "go-getter" attitude and help build your mental resilience towards your personal and professional goals. Your newly found confidence, inner strength, and self-control will help you apply these traits to other areas of your daily life.

The Take-Away

Whether you are a fitness aficionado or a beginner looking to build your stamina, strength, and health, indoor cycling classes at Fitness 19 can certainly help. All our facilities provide friendly, customized, and personal attention and experience to all our gym members. Join us and let us help you stay active, fit, and healthy. Join us today! And start your fitness journey with Fitness 19.

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