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Yoga At Fitness 19

Get centered, stretch, flow and feel good with Yoga classes at Fitness 19.

Ready to get centered, stretch, flow and feel good?

Get centered, be present

Experience the feeling of being “present” and focusing on your breath, body and spirit. In yoga, the constant and continual awareness of the breath to movement flow calms the mind, invigorates the body, and increases awareness. 


Beginners welcome

Whether this is the first time you've taken a yoga class or you're a yoga pro, our classes are welcome to all skill levels. Our welcoming, friendly yoga teachers use verbal and hand cues to teach the movements and poses throughout  the class.


Keep it fresh

From Vinyasa Yoga to Restorative Yoga, we offer a variety of classes perfect for all experience levels. There are many different styles of Yoga that focus on different benefits for your mind and body. Try a few and find the best practice for you! 

Get flexible

Yoga classes at Fitness 19 helps increase your flexibility using various positions, holds and breathing exercises. 


Get strong

By holding your body in different yoga poses at length, you can strengthen your muscles, your core and and improve your stamina.

Relax a little

Yoga can be one of the best ways to refresh your mental health, especially after a hard day at work. Tune out the world, focus on yourself and your body, and feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. 

Try Yoga for FREE

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What Members are saying

I take a restorative yoga class at Fitness 19 once a week and it honestly sets me straight for the next few days. I feel amazing.
Yoga was at first a mystery to me, now it's a part of my every day life. I've learned so much about breathing correctly, listening to my body and being present. Definitely a life changing practice.
I knew nothing about yoga before trying a class out at Fitness 19. The instructors are so welcoming (what's up Michelle!) and immediately made me feel at home. My body, especially my back and shoulder, feel so much better since starting yoga classes once or twice a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga is a a practice focusing on your mind and body. It has been in practice for over 5000 years but in relatively recent years has become a widespread and popular form of exercise to promote strength, flexibility and mental well being.

There are numerous styles of yoga, but most combine various positions or "poses", stretches, postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation or relaxation.

Like all forms of physical and mental exercise, yoga is as challenging as you make it. Some people use yoga as a light, relaxing and meditative form of exercise focused on disconnecting from the outside world and focusing on your mind, body and wellbeing. Others use yoga as a strenuous form of exercise focused on challenging poses, strength movements and "flows". 

The beauty of yoga is that each Fitness 19 yoga class contains all ranges of experience from beginner to expert. All are welcome and our professional instructors are here to guide you whether it's your first or thousandth class. 

Breathable clothing you can move around and stretch in. We recommend wearing fitted workout clothes, ideally ones that wick away moisture. If you are comfortable, bare feet are encouraged. If you choose to wear socks we recommend investing in yoga or barre socks that have grips. Normal socks make yoga extremely difficult.

We recommend bringing a bottle of water and a towel. Mats are available and cleaned daily, but if you enjoy Yoga and practice frequently we recommend investing in your own yoga mat. 

Always consult with your physician before starting new exercise routine. 

We also recommend arriving 10-15 minutes early your first day of class and let the Instructor know of any pre-existing injuries so he or she can show you modifications to the poses and flows. 

Yoga can help improve flexibility and mobility with practice and time. Talk to one of our yoga instructors and find the right class for you! 

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