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Reopening Billing FAQ

We are a gym built SAFE for YOU

Which Fitness 19 Locations does this FAQ pertain to?

Fitness 19 is a network of independently owned and operated gyms. This FAQ only represents actions for Fitness 19 locations represented on this website. For a complete list of locations represented by this website please see our location finder.

If you do not see your location please reach out directly to your Fitness 19 location for billing, opening and other information as they are not part of our ownership group. 

We are so excited to reopen!

We are beyond excited to be reopening our doors! As we navigate these unprecedented times we understand there will be many questions about membership and personal training billing.

Our goal is to make our reopening as easy as possible for you, so you can get back to doing what you love. We are a gym built for you!

Below you'll find the most frequently asked questions regarding your membership and billing.

This is also a reminder that during the temporary closures all billing was frozen, no additional monthly dues, personal training or annual fee payments were billed during the temporary closures.

For updates on your local Fitness 19 please continue to follow @fitness19gyms on Instagram

Fitness 19 Reopening Billing FAQ

No additional monthly dues, personal training or annual fee payments were billed during the temporary closures.

No one will be billed for time they were unable to use the gym due to the temporary closures. Your first monthly membership billing will be prorated based on when your last billing date was. This will take into account time lost due to the temporary closures.

All billing was frozen automatically when the gyms were temporarily closed due to Covid-19. If your Fitness 19 location is open and you're not ready to work out again, you may request to keep your membership frozen until April 1, 2020 at no cost. To do so, please contact your home Fitness 19 location. Please click here for the most recent update to our membership freeze policy.  

If your annual fee fell during the time of the closures and was not billed due to all billing being paused, your annual fee will be billed during the first monthly dues billing after Fitness 19 reopens. For updates on when your Fitness 19 location reopened please see your local Fitness 19 as different club locations may reopen at different times depending on the regulations of their city, county or state.

If you prepaid your membership, it will be extended the same amount of time the gym was closed.

If your membership was created with a 12-month commitment, your existing 12 month expiration date will remain the same. You will NOT be charged for any time the gym was temporarily closed due to Covid-19.

Personal Training Reopening Billing FAQ

If you prepaid for Personal Training sessions, the expiration date of your sessions will be extended the length of the closure when we reopen.

Monthly charges were not billed during the closures. If you pay for monthly Personal Training sessions, your monthly billing for sessions will restart when the gym reopens.

*Billing updates are subject to change dependent upon reopening date and state and local government guideline changes. Contact your local Fitness 19 for details.