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Wellness Pod

Designed to reduce stress and help with relaxation, RelaxSpace Wellness Pods offer a unique, multi-sensory experience.

Improve Relaxation and Reduce Stress

The RelaxSpace Wellness Pod is an innovative new way to enhance emotional well-being.

Now more than ever, we could all use a mental wellness break. Designed to reduce stress and help with relaxation, RelaxSpace Wellness Pods offer a unique, multi-sensory experience.

Whether you’re unwinding with calming nature and travel videos, finding balance with meditation and mindfulness, or learning more about diet and healthy living, with RelaxSpace, your 15-minute escape awaits.

To enhance your session, you can also enjoy various scent options, a heated seat, a fan to cool down, and a heart rate monitor to track your relaxation levels.

This is a 15-minute break to mentally reset and relax. 

Available at select locations for Premium and Premium Plus members. CLICK HERE to find a Fitness 19 location near you with the Wellness Pod!

Meditation Pod Reduce Stress and Anxiety Improve Relaxation

Frequently Asked Questions


Premium and Premium Plus Fitness 19 members have daily access to the RelaxSpace Wellness Pod. 

A RelaxSpace Wellness Pod session at Fitness 19 will last approximately 15 minutes. Enjoy!

The Wellness Pod is great to help you try to relax and reduce stress, be more mindful, and hopefully develop healthy life habits.

Start your first session by watching the Tutorial for a great explanation of each feature. 

It’s personal preference, and any new user should try several different content categories to see which helps them relax most. Some people enjoy nature and travel videos, while others may get the most benefit from breathing or mindfulness exercises.

As with any other form of exercise, the more often you intentionally practice relaxation exercises, the more benefits you may notice.

Relaxing before a workout can help to calm the mind and prepare the body for physical activity. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, which may help individuals to perform better during their workout. 

On the other hand, relaxing after a workout can help individuals to recover. Relaxing can help to reduce muscle tension which may help to reduce soreness and improve recovery time. 

The best time to relax is the time that works best for the individual's schedule and goals.

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