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Membership Pause Policy


Pausing a membership allows the member’s monthly dues to be lowered to $0 per month for a time period during which the member will be unable to exercise at any Fitness 19 or affiliate club. 

If a member’s Annual Fee is due while the membership is paused, the fee will be temporarily moved the number of months the membership is paused. For example, if a membership is paused 3 months and the Annual Fee is due during the pause, the Annual Fee will be moved 3 months. 

If the membership is currently in a 12-month commitment, the number of months paused will be added to the end of the agreement. 

The time period may be no less than one (1) month and no greater than four (4) months. Pausing may occur two times every 12 months. The member may decrease the time period for which the membership is paused.

This membership pause will take effect within 30 days. One more EFT billing of the amount stated in number 6 on your membership agreement will occur.

If a member cancels their membership while on pause, the member will be responsible for a 30-day notice and will owe the upcoming monthly payment along with an Annual Fee if due at time of cancellation. 

If a member comes off pause early, all invoices will be shifted back the number of months subtracted from the original pause date. For example, if a member’s due date is 1/9 with an Annual Fee due on 4/15 and the account is being paused for 4 months, the next due date would be 5/9 with the Annual Fee on 8/15.  If we unpause a month early, the next due date would be 4/9 with the Annual Fee on 7/15.  

If you are interested in pausing your membership, please call or visit your Fitness 19 location during regular operating hours for assistance. A Fitness 19 team member will be happy to help!

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