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  • My Move to Improve Journey with Personal Training!
  • November 16, 2021 |
  • Personal Training

My Move to Improve Journey with Personal Training!

Hello Again!

You may recall my last blog entry back in March how "I lost 20 Pounds in 2 Months".  At the end of this blog entry I announced that I was on my second fitness journey inspired by Fitness 19's Move to Improve Campaign. I admit there was a lot of guilt and shame to see how far I had fallen but because of the pandemic, I knew I wasn't alone. Here is how the journey is going. 

InBodyDay 1 

Day 1 I nearly cried at my Personal Trainer's desk where I shared with him my fitness goals and story. I definitely was in a place where I wanted to see positive physical and mental change. He explained to me that we were going to take the journey at a slower pace than I had last time because I wanted a lifestyle change that will last a lifetime. We did not change my eating habits at first which I was extremely thankful. The workouts at first were things I've done before but I knew it was more for my Personal Trainer's benefit to see get to know me as a client. I had to remind myself to trust the process. That's the thing about having a Personal Trainer, they do the thinking for you so you can focus on your workout.

1 Month In & Down 3 Belt Loops! 

Another benefit of a Personal Trainer is that they help you stay consistent. You can begin to confide during y


our sessions about how you feel bad for ordering take out again. My Personal Trainer was extremely gracious with me and would always remind me to not beat myself up. He would say, "That's ok! That's in the past, next time just have a smaller portion and be sure to drink your water." This constant positive thinking kept me motivated and see food and how I eat in a differently. In fact, I began to eat more than I originally started and went down 3 belt loops!  

4 Months Later

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 11.24.39 AM

I didn't see a huge dramatic change but I did see a more vibrant happier person in my reflection. My mental state improved immensely and people were starting to notice! This encouraged me to keep going and I really started to focus more my diet. My Personal Trainer even got me to drink protein shakes and increase my workout days on my own. I even started to take up hiking! I think it is important to note that having some form of sport or activity consistently helps to set goals and track progress. 

8 Months and 17 lbs down and counting!

This is a, exciting check point of my Move to Improve Journey. My close friends and family have said that I've been "glowing". I feel more energetic and my workouts have intensified recently. I'm seeing lines and cuts that weren't there before. My inner thighs are not rubbing together when I walk and my double chin has almost disappeared all together. I went from having 3 back rolls to 1.  The key to this success is to start moving, staying consistent, and to not give up on yourself! Move to Improve! 

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