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  • Teresa More, The 103 Year Old Inspiration at Fitness 19 Camarillo
  • March 14, 2023 |
  • General Health and Wellness

Teresa More, The 103 Year Old Inspiration at Fitness 19 Camarillo

Article first featured on FoxLA.com


CAMARILLO, Calif. - At 103 years young, you'd never guess Teresa Moore is a gym rat. She hits the gym three to four times a week. 

"It gives me energy," she said.

With her hair, makeup and jewels perfectly in place, she gets a pump from lifting weights, and revving up her heart rate on the treadmill. Her daughter Sheila Moore said the gym is her mom's happy place. 

"That's where she meets her friends," Sheila Moore said. "I think mother is a curious person. When she left Italy, she lived a vagabond life and I think curiosity was a big motivating factor."

Teresa Moore was born in Italy, and now lives in Camarillo. She calls herself a military bride. She's lived all across the globe with her late husband whom she married in 1946. Now she lives on her own, and still loves to go to the opera or out to play bridge.

For Teresa, the secret to a long life is simple.

"Try to be happy," she said. "Try to think of good things — to think everything is beautiful, to think beautiful things."

Her other big tip: live life with no regrets, and keep going.


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